What is this?

This is a software development kit (SDK) which allows you to build high performance 3D graphics applications such as games. Included in the SDK are tools for building content for your application, binaries for building the applications themselves, example code for using the SDK, and documentation.


We have adopted an Open Source license for our engine. You agreed to the license when you installed the software on your machine. We strongly encourage you to read the details of the license. A text copy of the license can be found in the OpenSource directory in the installation.

What can it do?

The engine is designed primarily to render indoor scenes with moderate polygon count at very high performance. It can be used to build reasonably detailed and extensive outdoor scenes provided that care is taken to build those scenes correctly. The engine has support for fast collision detection, and precalculated lighting and visibility testing. See the Features section for more details about the engine specifics.

What can it not do?

The engine is not designed to render unlimited outdoor terrain currently. It is not designed for fast culling of arbitrary non-sealed geometry. You should not expect to build enormous scenes with high polygon counts and no visibility inhibitors (walls) and get a frame rate of 30 FPS. We will be adding support for terrain rendering to the existing engine in the next release. If you want to build outdoor scenes with the current engine, you should limit the scene size and use Gouraud shading of the outdoor faces to limit texture thrashing. See the editor documentation and our FAQ sheets for more information on this.