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I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2019-09-13 11:59:15
by Kenshiro
I am glad to see this old engine is being resurrected. However, the (cousins) of Genesis3D deserve a chance too.

I tried Jet3D and found it flexible and stable, nevertheless, it lacks updates and needs more tutorials, tools, and functions.

Jet3D is open-source software and can be distributed. And for Destiny3D I don't know if its source code available.

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2019-09-16 02:56:20
by Orf
Welcome back Kenshiro!

A lot of source from the engines you speak of have been lost over the ages. I have a zip in the old Genesis website archives called '' but that's just binaries unfortunately. DTest.exe and some engine dlls. I'm sure it exists somewhere, maybe paradoxnj or Hootie has a copy but I can't speak to any plans on that.

As for Jet3d... I'm friends with Tom Morris (he maintains jet3d) and got him to sign up on these forums not too long ago. He and I occasionally inspire one another and my recent website revival got him inspired to crack open Visual Studio and try if J3d compiles and see how it runs now a days. He had a slight hiccup on startup with the bpp being hard coded at 16 instead of 32 but aside from that he said it ran well. With that said, I wouldn't expect a revival of Jet3d.

Making an engine, just in general, is a lot of work for no "good" reason with the availability of quality options out there. You really have to have some love behind it and a whole lotta help. I have that love for Genesis3D and see a need a new engine can fill where the big players got too big and their engines got overly complex. Now I can't predict the future so it's possible if this thing goes gangbusters it too will get excessively complex but I'm going to try very hard to keep it simple such that people can pick it up and crank out games for any platform in a matter of months, just like we used to do at WildTangent.

Genesis is what got me into the game industry some 19 years ago moving from G3D to working at WildTangent (where I unfortunately had a conflict of interest and couldn't work on Genesis while employed there.) It would be nice to give back to the next generation of game developers and make something really cool in the process! Hopefully when I get off my butt and formalize some plans some open source devs can step in and help make this dream become a reality again!


Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2019-09-20 15:02:43
by maxim
Hello. Destiny 3D source code can be retreived with Internet Wayback Machine
Or could be retrieved? It still should be, I guess. Anyway, I downloaded it, the file is called Destiny3D v0.8 Public
But it is a pain to build, and I was stuck building some 3rd party libraries. I also think you need an ancient version of MS VS compiler, like VS 6.0, to build it

BTW, here's the list of all Genesis3D-related files I have, including G3D derivatives and forks and their level editors. Most of them are still available in the web.

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-01-15 21:22:47
by paradoxnj
Hi Everyone,

I have been the keeper of the Jet3D Source Code since 2005. I have moved it from SourceForge to GitHub. You can find it at Jet3D Source Code. I had kept this going for a few years after the 1999 dev team left it for dead. Tom took over the Jet3D website when I could not host it anymore. Truth be told, I was going to let it die as well but Tom kept it alive. :D I have maintained the source though. My team and I actually wrote a D3D9 driver for Jet3D which worked well, but had a few compatibility problems with the way Jet3D calculates the texture coordinates for its dynamic lightmaps. I am still unable to fix it properly.

Hi Orf!! It is awesome to see Genesis 3D revived again. I missed checking these forums everyday and seeing the wealth of knowledge transferred between people. You have inspired me as well and I have started looking at the Jet3D code again and decided to get the OpenGL driver up to spec as I don't like the new D3D APIs for 10, 11, and 12.

I am the lone developer and it is still a spare time development thing but so far I have done the following in the last 6 months. The original code is still available on SourceForge as well.
  • Converted codebase to C++ (still function based, but working on classes)
  • Started using STL containers where possible
  • Removed a great deal of unused code (Jet3D was extremely bloated). Examples are RogerWilco, Shader (Quake 3 Shader-like language that was never integrated), Some containers that were not used, collision code that was not implemented, etc...
  • Added ZIP file system using zzip library
  • Converted projects to Visual Studio 2019
  • Trying to eliminate inline assembly for 64 bit conversion
  • Started writing CMake scripts for building
  • Started converting Editor to wxWindows (Editor code is a mess. Mix of C and C++. Nightmare to convert to C++)
I was working on this with Ken Deel who, with me, was a longtime member of the Genesis 3D and Jet3D communities. Ken tragically passed away a few months ago.

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-01-17 02:02:31
by Orf
In regards to Destiny3d and the old G3D projects, it's great that you have those old projects but ultimately they will not be hosted here and once we get new engine code the old will probably go as well. As unlikely as it is... I don't want to run the risk of someone taking old code and putting it into the new engine. There was strict licensing around that back in the day that was one of the things that lead to Destiny3d being started from scratch. From a code point of view, the old stuff is *ancient* and not the way things are done these days anyway.

Good to see you back as well paradoxnj! I missed checking these forums everyday as well, hopefully we can get something going again soon. Very sorry to hear about Ken Deel; I remember that name well, he was always on the forums like you, Tom, and myself. Best wishes to his friends, family, and loved ones, may he rest in peace.

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-10-12 15:29:58
by DarthViper
Hello Everyone,
I have been in the Genesis3D code since it was released long ago, not sure I remember my old handle, JonesJ or Armond. I would love to help with reviving the engine, in my spare time. I actually started reworking the DirectX drivers to DX9 about a year ago as that is what I am most familiar with, but that was as far as I got. I have looked into DX12, but that is a whole new API to learn, quite different than 9.0x. At any rate, I would love to work on a new engine, tools and actually create a fun game (like v1.2). Anyway, I hope we can do that!


Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-10-18 16:59:49
by rtxA
Hi DarthViper, where I can take a look to that DX9 driver? It's for Genesis3D v120, right?

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-10-20 14:14:51
by DarthViper
I haven't posted it anywhere as it is still in work. The driver is one I used for another engine that I am working on as well. The game implementation of the DX driver is not yet completed. So, I would say that it is still in it's infancy.

TrenchBroom looks really nice!

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-10-21 05:21:54
by rtxA
Thanks, let me know when you have something to share :)

Re: I hope Jet3D and Destiny3D to be revived too

Posted: 2020-11-08 22:54:06
by paradoxnj
Jet3D has a D3D9 driver and the code is very similar to Genesis3D. You are welcomed to look at that. It is in the GitHub repo which I linked in my post above.

**EDIT** Direct link: ... t3D9Driver