Chatroom, IRC, or such

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Chatroom, IRC, or such

Post by technodisco » 2020-02-25 04:58:03

HI again all, I check in every now and again to get inspiration to do some Genesis3D mapping tutorials.
I was thinking of starting a webchat or some sort or irc so we can have better line of communication, I definitely want to be more involved in this project.

Would anyone prefer a telegram group or something like that? Below is the link incase anyone wants to join. It will be temporary until we get the actual chat system setup.


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Re: Chatroom, IRC, or such

Post by Orf » 2020-02-26 19:09:43

Yup we definitely need to set something up and get this going. I'll have to check out your link when I get home tonight, I've never used telegram but I can figure it out.

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