[WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

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[WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by rtxA » 2020-10-18 04:32:07


[WIP] TrenchBroom - New editor for Genesis3D

TrenchBroom is a modern cross-platform level editor for Quake-engine based games. Its main feature is that you can work everything inside the 3D view instead of the typical 4 views panels like in GEdit, Worldcraft/Valve Hammer Editor, etc.
What I have done are the next tools:
  • GBSPTools (build and light your map for the Genesis3D Engine)
  • q2togbsp (converts a Quake 1/2 .map to GBSP binary map format.)
The next step is to integrate everything in TrenchBroom.

What I have now is pretty basic. Try out the editor, try to build stuff that you would not be able to do in GEdit, etc.

Well I hope this gives a glimpse of life to Genesis3D.

☰ To do
  • ☐ Add the next fields in Face tab:
    • ☒ Light intensity (Already implemented by Trenchbroom with the name of Value)
    • ☐ Transparency (byte : 0 to 255)
    • ☐ Reflectivity scale (float : 1.0 by default)
    • ☐ Lightmap Scale (float : 1.0 by default)
    • ☐ Mipmap Bias (Not implemented in G3D)
  • ☐ Limit selection of brush content flags. For the moment the user has to manage this with caution.
    • Example 1: if you turn on the Empty flag, Area flag gets disabled and can't be modified.
    • Example 2: if you turn on the Window flag, Detail flag gets enabled and can't be modified.
  • ☐ Make the .map exporter to write even the default keyvalues for some entities.
  • ☐ Add support for 'Models' (Built in keyframe system to animate world geometry).
  • ☐ Load textures from .txl files.
  • ☐ Display 3D .ACT models in the editor.
☉ Screenshots

Image Image

☉ Installation
  1. Download the .zip and extract the folders Genesis3D and TrenchBroom in hard drive C.
  2. Go inside the folder TrenchBroom and open trenchbroom.exe.
  3. Press New map... then the window Select game will pop up.
Before you start using the editor, you need to set up first the path to GTest so TrenchBroom can load the textures from there.
  1. Press Open preferences..., select Genesis3D and where it says Game path you put inside C:/Genesis3D/v120 then you press OK.
  2. Now you are ready to use TrenchBroom. Go back to Select game window, select Genesis3D and press OK.
☉ Compile and run the level
  1. To compile the map, go to Run->Compile Map.
  2. Choose one of the tasks (Fast, Full, etc.) and press Compile.
  3. Once the map is done compiling, press Launch... to run the level.
☰ Notes
  • Because .TXL texture packs can't be load in TrenchBroom for now, you need to extract the textures and put them inside of C:/Genesis3D/v120/textures. The supported formats are BMP, PNG, JPG and TGA.
  • I have included two example maps in C:/TrenchBroom/games/Genesis3D/test_maps/ so you can test the light styles and some brush flags.
  • For now only DeathMatchStart and Light entities are availables (I hardcoded the entity defs). In the next version you will be able to add more.
Download of TrenchBroom with Genesis3D v1.2 (GTest)

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Re: [WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by Orf » 2020-10-23 18:54:06

This is so cool - I really liked the trailer you put together for it too... got me excited.

Thanks for making this!


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Re: [WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by Phil » 2020-10-25 12:36:33

Wow, this looks so cool. I really hope for a "V 1". Keep up the good work! :)

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Re: [WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by SeniorCaution » 2020-10-26 16:40:23

Thank you!

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Re: [WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by rtxA » 2020-10-28 05:21:07

Thanks, it's good to hear you guys are interested in this, that will give me more focus to keep working on this.

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Re: [WIP] TrenchBroom - A new editor for G3D

Post by Prometheus » 2020-11-08 16:14:59

Hope you implement 3dt support :P

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